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We are open for dinner Wednesday to Saturday evening

We take reservations in our wine bar and on our outdoor tables

We are also open 7 days a week as a Wine Shop and offer a selection of our stock online for nationwide delivery. Click here



On the board this week…

This week is your last chance to come down and enjoy Nick’s cooking for a bit, before he skedaddles off on a much deserved holiday! All killer no filler on this weeks menu, with the return of the ever popular porcini, bathing in butter and herbs a particular highlight.

From the 29th September, we’ll have Tom Zahir of Decatur cooking up some incredible Southern- inspired dishes (we’ve just had a sneak peak of the menu – SPOILER ALERT – yum!) for three weeks and we are really looking forward to it!

Bookings have been flying in thick and fast, so act soon to avoid missing out.

To book, please click the link below. See you soon!


Wine of the week…

Christophe Daviau, Topette a Lundi, Loire Valley, 2020

Grolleau from Domaine de Bablut in Anjou, this is a smasher; juicy red fruited and herbal. Loves a bit of chill in the fridge or ice bucket, but does just as well at cellar temp where those herbal notes are more prominent. There are 3 different labels for this wine, so don’t panic if its not the one in the picture. Or just buy all 3!




We take reservations for dinner both inside and outside

The table is yours for 1 hour 45 minutes if you book up to and including 7pm. Any time after that, it’s yours for the evening.

Bookings are via Resy below…

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Your Wellbeing

How we are making our dining rooms safe

We have taken the following steps, above and beyond the 1 metre gap between tables and all other government guidance, to ensure you can feel as relaxed as possible while dining with us.

1. Masks – all our Front of House staff wear masks

2. Air filtration – all our dining rooms have been fitted with brand new IQAir air purifiers equipped with a hospital-grade HyperHEPA filters.

3. Air flow – our front doors in all dining rooms will be open all day allowing for maximum circulation of fresh air. All our dining rooms are additionally fitted with a ‘fresh air’ air conditioning system.

4. Staff wellbeing – our team regularly undertake and record COVID tests.

We appreciate some of this may seem to jar with the informal but professional hospitality we have always tried to define ourselves by. However, we feel the first step has to be to make our guests and our teams feel as safe as possible. With this achieved, our guests can see our restaurants as a place to relax and enjoy the type of hospitality and escapism that restaurants should always offer but have been unable to over the last few months.


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